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Useful resources donated by our members


This introduction to the process of cleaning international customer files is FREE and

it is by one of the foremost experts in the field  and GADA member, Merry Law of WorldVu.

It unpacks the language of the discipline to help us understand what happens, and why.

The Basics of International Address Hygiene (4469)


Special Report by GoCode of a geocoding project in Kolkatta (Calcutta) India. 

Thanks to Addressing the Unaddressed and its leader, Alex Pigot. 

Addressing the Unaddressed Case Study-GoCode and Hope Kolkatta Foundation (4969)


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Additional interesting downloads:  

UPU official list of Territories, countries subdivisions and interrelated data sets 2011.4List of territories, countries subdivisions (4819)

Information sheet on Territories, country subdivisions and interdependent data setsExplanation of List of Territories... (5394)

(It is highly recommended to download the information sheet, which explains the presentation and organization of the official list.)


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Global Address Data Association Business Plan (6358)

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