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New Business Plan, Incorporation, for the Association

I’m  pleased to announce that the State of New York has recognized the incorporation of the Global Address Data Association, Inc.  Our next two projects are By-laws and a Business Plan.  We have a first draft of the Business Plan, which will go to the Steering Committee next week for comment and discussion. The Plan will be approved at a meeting of the Committee both online and in-person at PostExpo in Copenhagen.   We will send you a note when it is final and put it on the website.

Meet in Nairobi

I will be at the Universal Postal Union  Nairobi Postal Strategy where I have been asked in my capacity as Chairman of the Consultative Committee of the UPU to discuss “Addressing the world: an Address for Everyone”.  My message will be the need for expansion of the world’s address systems, enrichment of the content of addresses, better and more equitable commercialization of address data, and the global implementation of universally accessible change of address systems.  Please let me know if you will be attending so that we may meet.

Meet at PostExpo in Copenhagen

I will chair a panel on October 9 at PostExpo titled “Getting to the point – postal addresses: a key componenet of your business – addressing in the digital era”.  Panelists: John Payne, CEO, Zumbox;  Giovanni Brardinoni, Post Italianne; Graham Rhind, GRC Database Information, Netherlands; Abdulaziz A Wazzan, Saudi Post. Discussants: Patricia Vivas and Paul Donohoe, UPU.  The border between digital and analog is constantly shifting.  Come learn how.

On October 8 at PostExpo, there will be a meeting of anyone interested in the Association’s goals and progress.  Time and place are to be announced.  If you wish to attend, send an email and I will keep you informed.   If you are not otherwise attending PostExpo, you may register as an exhibition hall visitor for free.  Directions to our meeting room will be made available in Copenhagen.   Feel free to bring anyone you think might be interested in our work. We will ask for feedback on our business plan and discuss our strategy and next steps.

New Members of the Steering Committee

We are very pleased to announce that Mr. Martin Turvey and Mr. Joe Lubenow have joined the Steering Committee of the Association.   Mr. Turvey has a distinguished and successful career in this industry and his depth of knowledge and experience expressed in his advice and guidance will be invaluable to our success.  You may wish to read his impressive vita here or join him on Twitter .

Mr. Lubenow, whose bio we don’t yet have on the website, is one of the foremost experts on addressing and database management of addresses in the industry. He has a long career in this industry and serves on the Standards Board of the UPU, as a Director of Postcom- the Association for Postal Commerce, is a member of the USPS Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee, and is a respected consultant in the postal and data industries.

UPU Fall Meetings…and so forth

The UPU Council of Administration and Postal Operations Council meetings occur in Bern from October 25 to November 12.  I will be attending from October 25 to November 9.  There will several meetings that are important to the industry, including the POC Address Group, the Consultative Committee Plenary, the Council of Administration Global Address Summit and Electronic Services Group’s Dot Post.  We will send more news and post on the blog about projects and meetings as they occur. We have it from a reliable source that the Consultative Committee will announce a new project on change of address systems.

Welcome back from the Summer! Back to work, everyone!

Charles Prescott
Managing Director and the team at Global Address Data Association

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