We just received this announcement about an important meeting in Berlin in February from the European Public Sector Information Platform.  Members accessing public data in Europe may be interested in attending.  We will monitor the outcomes.


Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in our open meeting in Berlin jointly organised by ePSIplatform, the Open Data Network, Geokomm, Online Consultants International GmbH and PSI Alliance.

The theme of the meeting is: Open data: apps for everyone? Opportunities and challenges in the re-use of public sector information.

Meeting Date: Friday 18th February 2011 9am – 6pm CET
Location:  GLS Campus, Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin GLS campus map

The campus is easily accessible from:
Airports: Tegel TXL, Schoenefeld SFX
Train stations: Bahnhof Zoo, Hauptbahnhof or Ostbahnhof

The rapid rise in ‘apps’ (applications for mobile devices) offer opportunities to disseminate data and services that could be decisive in unlocking PSI reuse. They also present challenges as public and private sector organisations seek to adapt to the rapid pace of change. The meeting aims to provide a forum for decision-makers and their representatives to gain an up-to-date understanding of open data and PSI re-use in Germany, to assess progress in comparison with other EU countries and to focus on the identification of market drivers. It will consider political and administrative competences, the benefits to business and society of open data and PSI reuse, and the need for mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of innovative processes.

In August 2010, the German Federal Government recognised the role of open data in making government more accessible to citizens. The meeting aims to develop key points for an action plan to successfully implement open data policies in Germany that embrace the idea of PSI reuse by design.

This, the final meeting of ePSIplatform, follows on from our successful meetings in Stockholm, Madrid and Rennes. The meeting will introduce the follow on project to ePSIplatform commencing in March 2011.

All are welcome and there is no charge for this event.

The event is aimed at:

  • Government and public administration representatives nationally, regionally and locally that produce data
  • Stakeholders that reuse data: businesses and their representative associations, NGOs and citizens.

More meeting information and online registration will be made available soon at:  www.epsiplatform.eu
Twitter Hash Tag for the meeting: #PSI_apps

For those needing to organise hotel accommodation, you may wish to contact the Berlin Tourist information:  http://www.berlin-touristen-information.de/
For more information, please contact:

Pauline Pollard Berlin@epsiplatform.eu
Daniel Dietrich daniel@opendata-network.org
Michael Fanning michael.fanning@oci-gmbh.com

Rob Davies (on behalf of the ePSIplatform)

Visit the European Public Sector Information (PSI) Platform for more information about the one-stop shop portal:  http://www.epsiplatform.eu

Follow us on Twitter @ePSIplatform:[http://twitter.com/epsiplatform]

Should you want to discuss your registration to ePSIplatform newsletter any time, please send a message to Carol Usher

Contact: Rob Davies, European PSI Platform

The European PSI Platform is funded under the European Commission’s eContentplus programme

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