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Support for GADA has been received from an unexpected quarter, our friends at the Global Envelope Alliance.  The GEA is a powerful supporter of postal systems and is dedicated to increasing the value and volume of mail.

GEA adopts resolution in support of the Global Address Data Association (GADA)

Washington, DC. February 17, 2011.  This week, the Board of Directors of the Global Envelope Alliance (GEA) adopted a resolution of support for the Global Address Data Association (GADA).  GEA Chairman Bert Berkley said, “The work of the Global Address Data Association is directed at a fundamentally important aspect of the envelope business: personal addressed communications sent through the postal systems of the world.  GADA supports both the data industry and postal companies in making more accurate address data widely available at a reasonable cost. Its support for the Universal Postal Union’s assistance to countries in developing address systems is also unparalleled in the private sector. We are very pleased to support this work.

Executive Director of GADA, Charles Prescott noted, “We are very pleased by this vote of support for our mission to elevate the issues of postal address database hygiene and development. Our GEA colleagues and their affiliated colleagues in the envelope manufacturers’ industry, worldwide, produce the physical products that touch human beings around the world on a daily basis, more frequently than nearly any other item.  Envelope manufacturers world-wide, understand very directly how important postal address data is to the social, economic, and political life of human beings everywhere.”

The Global Envelope Alliance (GEA) was created by the Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) as a forum for the global community of envelope manufacturers, suppliers, posts, courier companies and market intermediaries.  The GEA gathers information about global trends to promote a stronger industry worldwide.

EMA is the world’s largest national association representing manufacturers of envelopes and similar products. It has membership in 38 nations and also has 24 Posts participating in its programs.  It has programs of advocacy, education, and research in support of its members’ businesses and the development of postal systems across the globe. (www.envelope.org)

GADA is the world’s only association dedicated to representing companies whose businesses depend on availability and accuracy of data used for location of individuals and places worldwide. It represents companies with interests in a broad spectrum of types of addresses, including email and IP addresses, landline and mobile phone numbers, and geophysical location data. (www.globaladdress.org)

For more information, contact Jacqueline Jordan, GEA Administrator at jejordan@envelope.org or Charles Prescott, Executive Director of GADA at Charles@globaladdress.org.

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