Saudi Post Creates an Address for Everyone. How?


The following article is derived from a speech made by Ali Bakheet, GIS Director of Saudi Post in Dubai earlier this year. We will shortly report on this and related addressing developments in the GADA newsletter and in The Prescott Report. We would note that Mr. Bakheet’s clever title adopts the name of the campaign of the Universal Postal Union “Addressing the World-an Address for Everyone”. Saudi Post is very active in support of that program. 





How did we create an address for each and every location?

  1. Satellite Images

    We used high resolution Satellite Imageries such as QuickBird Images for digitizing Parcels and Zip code for allover the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  2. Software

    We used advanced GIS Software like ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.3 and used Databases with advanced technologies such as SQL Server 2008 in Windows Server 2008 etc.

  3. Field Survey

    We are doing a detailed Field Survey to collect the information such as Land Use Type, Building Type, Number of Floors in each building, Number of Apartments or units in each building, names of Streets and Public Services etc. and also we are surveying the Building Boundaries in crowded area if it is not clear in Satellite imagery

  4. Implementation of Postal Address on every single Location

    We created Postal Addresses for each Location inside Saudi Arabia which contains all addresses as 5 digits of Zipcode number with 4 digits of Building Number and 4 digits of Additional Number.

    Building Zipcode:

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been divided into 8 Postal Regions and each Region is divided into Sectors and each Sector is divided into Branches, then each Branch is divided into Divisions and each Division is divided into Quarters. So, the last Quarter is called the Postal Zipcode and its number is created by using the combination of numbers of Region, Sector, Branch, Division and Quarter. In this way, the Zipcode number will have only 5 digits.


    Image1: Shows the 8 postal regions of Saudi Arabia


    Image2: Shows all Zip codes of Saudi Arabia with 8 Postal regions



    Numbering Locations:


    After building the Postal Zipcode as explained above, Postal Addresses are created for each Location within this Zipcode on the basis of several rules and regulations taken into account as a General Policy for Numbering. Saudi Post has developed a Local Co-ordinate System on the basis of Universal Transverse Mercator Projection considering the Zone for each city.

    Then, by using this Saudi Post Local co-ordinate system, we calculated special X co-ordinates with an absolute value between 2000 and 5999 and Y co-ordinates with an absolute value between 6000 and 9999 for each location inside the Kingdom. In this, X co-ordinates will be the Building number and Y co-ordinates will be the Additional Number for the buildings which fall faced to a road in an east/west direction. And Y co-ordinate will be the Building number and X co-ordinates will be the Additional Number for the buildings which fall faced to a road in NORTH/SOUTH
    direction. And also the Building Number will be an ODD number if it is in the Right side of the road passing to North or East direction and the Building Number will be an EVEN number if it is in the Left side of the road passing to North or East direction.

    Image3: Shows the numbering system of Saudi Post


    In this way, we succeeded to assign a Unique and Systematic Postal Address called Wasel Postal address on every location inside the Kingdom with 13 digits of unique address which consists of a combination of 5 digits of Zipcode, 4 digits of Building number and 4 digits of Additional numbers.

    For more information, contact Ali Bakheet, GIS director, Saudi Postal Corporation (


  1. Dr. Velmurugan Muthusamy says:


    First time I looked this site which is very informative about the Saudi Post.

    Thank you for this site and useful for the foreigners.

    May I ask you what is the Zip code for Abha.

    Thanks once agaim


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