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The UPU announced today that it would accept tenders for the provision of a pilot system for international postal registered electronic mail. This project has taken some time to come to fruition, but is now moving forward with some funding apparently in hand. This is a core product development project for the UPU and will have an important place in the next 4-year cycle of the UPU’s activities to be articulated in the Doha Postal Strategy and confirmed in the Doha Congress in September 2012.


Here is the notice:


International postal Registered electronic Mail (IRM) Pilot System

The UPU is seeking offers for the provision of an international postal registered electronic mail (IRM)

pilot system, with the aim of assisting UPU member countries and their designated operators in

exchanging international postal registered electronic mail (PREM) messages for a pilot test.

The system should support:

o Identification of senders and receivers of registered electronic mail

o Secure and confidential electronic transmission of mail

o Generation of proof of sending and delivery of the electronic mail

o Electronic confirmation to the sender of the reception of the mail

The possible usage scenarios for the IRM pilot could be as follows:

– Governments could use the IRM pilot system to send and receive electronically secure written

communication between embassies around the world;

– Governments could use the IRM pilot system in order to study the necessary implementation steps

for their respective e-government strategies, notably in terms of ensuring secure electronic exchanges

among different ministries or offices inside the same ministry;

– Designated Operators of UPU member countries could use the system to exchange confidential

postal communication, including international operations and accounting data, UPU forms and other

administrative exchanges;

– The UPU International Bureau could use the system to exchange information and documents with

UPU member countries.

For further information, please contact:

Mr Paul Donohoe

Tel: 031 350 34 50

Fax: 031 350 31 10


_ Offers will be sent under sealed envelopes by 9 September 4 p.m, with mention “International postal

Registered electronic Mail (IRM) Pilot System” to :

Union postale universelle

Secrétariat du Comité d’adjudications et d’achats

A l’attention de Mme Agnès Camey

Weltpoststrasse 4

3000 Berne 15


Tel: 031 350 33 02

Fax: 031 350 31 10


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