Mule Creek residents tell USPS closure will harm community – Silver City Sun-News


Mule Creek residents tell USPS closure will harm community – Silver City Sun-News.

Something like 40% of this town in New Mexico showed up at a USPS meeting on the potential closing of their post office. Once again, the comments of residents reveal how critical the post office is to their lives, and how little the USPS fails to understand this.

“The post office is our life blood,” said Judith Watkins, who came with her husband, Jesse. “There have been times it even prevented potential disasters because it has a telephone inside the building and acted as a central dispatch location during emergencies.”

And there is a cultural divide between customers and the USPS:

“How can you say you understand our situation when you have urban roots?” Wetzel said of Wood’s living in Albuquerque and not a rural town. “How can you put into words what our situation is so the people in Washington, D.C., can get a clear picture?”

The comment drew a loud applause from the crowd, and brought on more personal stories.

And there is also the underlying theme of the USPS problem: Congress says it has to be a business and not lose money on any of its activities. Well, that means it can not be a provider of “social goods” and “bind the Nation together”.   Well, then, this citizen’s remark at the Mule Creek meeting pretty much says it all:

“It seems like the government is not using any common sense at all in this situation,” Wetzel said. “I hope they don’t consider us second-class citizens because we live in a rural area.”

Well, Mr.Wetzel, that pretty much sums it up. If they can’t at least break even doing what they do for you, they aren’t going to do it. In short, your government is indeed  going to abandon you.


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