Minister defends post code, physical address


Universal Postal Union UPU special ambassador on “Addressing the world – An Address for Everyone” Professor Anna Tibaijuka R unveils a physical address and postcode for Mawasiliano Tower in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

via Minister defends post code, physical address.

The Special Ambassador for “Addressing the World-An Address for Everyone” has clearly taken her responsibilities seriously and set an example that we hope other officials and leaders in every country without a complete address system will emulate.

The author of the news piece quotes the Ambassador and the Minister for Communication, Science and Technology who point out the “social good” roles the address system plays.  They are all mentioned in the piece.  And all are critical for any nation.

But what so far has gone unrecognized is the multiplier effect of a postal address database, for the posts and for businesses.  The not so obvious truth is that use of the address database creates other data bases, which in turn help businesses thrive and grow.  Think of all those customer lists which can not be communicated to, or in some cases be well-organized, without an address system.  Think of the revenue to be earned by the Post and by businesses from monetization of the address data on the one hand, and the lists of customers and prospects with their addresses, on the other. Think of the development of credit reference files, and so many other uses that underlie modern economies which are made possible by this important identifier, the address.   It’s not just a treasure for the post. It’s a treasure for the entire economy.

And now, if those posts and countries with new address systems will only  see the benefit of encouraging literacy through low rates on postage for newspapers, magazines and books!  And we hope the publishers will see the wisdom of maintaining accurate subscriber lists and the profit to be made in renting them.  After all, subscriber lists have been the foundation of the direct marketing and direct mail industries everywhere.

GADA very much looks forward to meeting this very special Special Ambassador in Doha.

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