Addressing high on Universal Postal Congress agenda | UPU


Addressing high on Universal Postal Congress agenda | UPU.

Do not fail to read this press release and get to know the Ambassadress of our subject, Tanzanian Minister of lands, housing and human settlements development, Anna Tibaijuka.  She will be an important ally for the data industry.

The title you are reading does not do justice to the efforts of several people to have this subject take center stage and be recognized by the world’s political leaders in the way it will be recognized at the UPU Congress.

First of all, the leadership of Director General Edouard Dayan must be saluted.  It was he who remarked in a meeting several years ago, in my presence and after my suggesting this was a subject we could not ignore, “How astonishing to find that this will be the first time in the nearly 150 year history of the UPU that we have studied the address.”  And he committed the institution to providing more resources for this subject.

Second, Patricia Vivas of the International Bureau has been the quietly but brilliantly burning intellect and energy behind so much that the IB has accomplished on this subject, guided of course by the tireless and wise Miaji Akio-san.  The recently issued work on the address will become required reading for anyone in development work, be it economic, social, or postal.

Third, we must salute Morocco, and specifically the Chair of the Address Work Group in the Postal Operations Council, M. Abdelatif Meskine, who brought leadership skills, experience in the subject, and a firm hand and great curiosity and discipline to the important  work that was carried out in that committee. The UPU is strengthened by his recently having joined the International Bureau.

Finally, let us salute Joe Lubenow for his life-long dedication to this subject and the work of the UPU in this area.  Without his guidance at the beginning of our work, GADA would have accomplished very little.



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