Top 50 Mailers: The eighth annual listing of top mailers as measured by volume : Target Marketing


Top 50 Mailers: The eighth annual listing of top mailers as measured by volume : Page 1 of 2 : Target Marketing.

The “newspaper of record” of the direct marketing industry in the US, Target Marketing, gives us the results of its analysis of the top 50 mailers in the US.  Mail is not only NOT dead, it is thriving, and serious companies are making serious use of it.

There are lots of surprises, such as the increase in the number of financial services companies mailing.  Perhaps all those on-line efforts came to little, and so they are returning to what works.

Another wonderful surprise is the catalog!  Of the top 50 mailers, 12 are catalogs.    Catalog mailings this year grew by 7% and make up 23.5% of the mailstream.  Most of those catalogs are household names because….well…they are in houses all over the country in the way a digital flicker on a mobile or laptop can not be.


Financial services, by the way, make up a “mere” 7.3% of the mail, but note that 80% of that volume is personalized, an increase of 16%, which is deemed to be a “huge upsurge” of 16%.


Some of the results reflect important changes in our economy. Perhaps because of the pending start of Obamacare, insurance companies increased their presence on the list from two mailers to nine.  Sadly, also reflecting the business environment,  the publishing industry dropped its presence from thirteen to only one, The Wall Street Journal.

There are many other surprises reflecting our economy.  Go take a look. Download the list of the top 50 and be as surprised as I was.

And remember that every one of those letters and catalogs has an address on it.  Save your money. Use good hygiene, as your Mom told you.

Don’t know what we mean by address hygiene?  Go to our homepage and download the definitive guide to the subject courtesy of ourselves and member Merry Law, the expert’s expert in this field.

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  1. Emory Miles says:

    I hope in the future to find an append source of mobile phone numbers to international business executives outside the U.S.

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