Hybrid Mail Project At UPU Will Proceed – Address Implications Numerous


Yesterday at the Universal Postal Union, the Products and Services Development Group approved the launch of a project promoted for over a year by GADA and the International Hybrid Mail Coalition – bringing international hybrid mail into the new dot Post domain managed by the UPU.   The Executive Director outlined a three-step process to accomplish this task.  This could  take as little as one year, or as much as three.

Step one will be a survey/study of the probable current and future market for international hybrid mail traffic.  The challenge here will be that most of this traffic is thought to be in the hands of private sector organizations, rather than posts. These companies are under no obligation to disclose the volumes they manage.  It remains for IHMC and the UPU to make the case to these potential partners and customers that it would be to their benefit to bring the traffic intothe UPU system.

Step two will involve a test of the dot Post system as a home for international hybrid mail transmission.  A similar test was carried out between posts and under the auspices of the UPU in the 2007-8 period.  The difference today is the presence of dot Post.  Posts introducing traffic into dot Post will see volumes transmitted accurately to destination printers and posts automatically.  In short, the system will be its own closed Internet with access granted only to Posts and carefully vetted industry partners.  In fact, the International Hybrid Mail Coalition was also approved at the same meeting to be an Associate Member of the dot Post system. Thus, it will be able to act as a transmission and receipt portal for its members, as well as participate in the development of dot Post’s governance and features.

Step three of the process, which will only begin following successful testing, will involve discussions around the regulatory and compensation issues of posts with respect to this new service.  Previously, discussions appear to have come to a stalemate over compensation rates for hybrid mail traffic.  The Coalition has pointed out that this is now a totally different environment and set of services compared to the prior model, and these discussions should be substantially different this time, inasmuch as posts should find they  can best support hybrid mail development by charging only for extra services, and not charging for electronic file transmission.

Once one understands that dot Post is a platform for posts to develop products and services upon, one sees that the “customers” must be encouraged to come develop and offer services at low or no cost, and make income on extra services, just as software and information and service companies do throughout the Internet.

Here at GADA we are very excited about the opportunities for marketers and the data hygiene and data provision industry which this development promises . The marketing, identity, and traffic data generated will be a vital part of business operations and planning.  This is why we are working closely with our friends at the Coalition.

If you have an interest in learning more about the Coalition and how your company can benefit by becoming a member, please contact the Executive Director at Charles@globaladdress.org.


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