EDITORIAL: Save SA’s postal service | Editorials | BDlive


EDITORIAL: Save SA’s postal service | Editorials | BDlive

To watch a postal system, nay, a whole country, strip off and toss away  a piece of its history and the promise of its future  is a horrible thing to impose on anyone. I really don’t want to watch, but like someone hypnotized by the bobbing cobra,  I can not draw away.

The CEO of one of any nation’s critical infrastructures, the postal system, takes a bunch of his best buddies on a free trip, by company jet, to the World Cup, and adds enough to the negative of the earnings statement and balance sheet to nearly bankrupt the institution. The work force, because of that ridiculous display of stupidity and greed, and many other reasons, basically says, “If they don’t work and get goodies like that, then pay  us better and we’ll keep working.”  And the organization can’t because it can’t afford to launch a defense.

We fear for the survival of the country.

We hear that mail is not being delivered in most of the country. So, if you are mailing there, we understand that it is best to use a private operator. Here today at the UPU in Switzerland, other publicly-owned posts are very quiet about whether they are accepting mail to South Africa. We came to learn more for our members about what was happening in the address universe, and we learn that one of the guiding lights of the pathway to better postal service and address data management was committing suicide.  Let us bow our heads.

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  1. Pierre Rossouw says:

    Yes it is sad. The writing was on the wall a few months ago, when SAPO had to borrow money from a commercial bank to pay salaries. The government department will not bail them out. Earlier this year I saw this and other failings coming, hence my decision to leave them to go into private practice. The more they fail, the more consulting business comes to me.

    See http://www.bdlive.co.za/businesstimes/2014/10/26/post-office-director-bails-out and http://www.bdlive.co.za/national/labour/2014/10/30/post-office-dispute-rages-as-union-digs-in .


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