4 Key Trends in Global Ecommerce Growth | Multichannel Merchant


4 Key Trends in Global Ecommerce Growth | Multichannel Merchant.

We have previously described the new project at the UPU, ECOMPRO, which focuses a substantial amount of energy on developing the posts’ expertise in responding to the new volumes of parcels flowing from the fountains of e-commerce into the international postal system.

Three of the four trends identified in this article are important drivers of the UPU’s membership’s decision to increase the efficiency of the international system.

First, the shift from bricks-and-mortar to online, and the ability to “pay at a distance” with credit instruments or COD promises helps “make the border go away” and permits shoppers to “shop without borders”.

Second, the article refers to demand for global products from emerging markets increasing, which is true. However, new online payment capability means more cross-border traffic both from and to emerging markets. E-bay has provided data showing the rapid and wide success of businesses in development markets shipping abroad to, on average, as many as 30 countries.   The UPU program focuses also on increased development of programs such as Exporta Facile in Brazil, which helps smaller companies in the emerging markets conquer bureaucracy and export.

Third, the increase in global shipping has been a tsunami-in-the-making for some time, and improvements in parcel handling, shipping, Customs treatment and track and trace are key elements in the UPU program.

The fourth element identified in the article is the surge in mobile purchases, which has been phenomenal, especially in China.  While ECOMPRO does not include this particular element, other work at the UPU most certainly does. There has been and continues to be a significant focus on the role of mobile in the provision of financial services by posts. We have seen a number of very impressive examples of the use of mobile phones for account management, purchasing, and sales in the developing world.

In fact, several posts provide an optional service of sending a message to your mobile when a parcel addressed to you clears Customs. In the example we saw, the system asked where the customer would like it delivered during a 2-hour span later in the that day!    This certainly suggests that the word “address” is taking on a new and wider meaning.

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