USPS Undeliverable As Addressed Codes – possible changes


An important committee of major mailers at the USPS are engaged in a project relating to address accuracy and hygiene. The committee is inviting industry input / suggestions on the idea.

We are circulating this note from the Chair of the Committee:

“The overall objective is to reduce the number of Undeliverable As Addressed Reason Codes – to improve the overall quality of what is provided to mailers:

  • Reducing the number of UAA Reason Codes should enable:
    • Less confusion by the USPS Carriers on how to mark the reason code
    • Drive more standardization across the USPS Nationally on UAA Reason Codes
    • Reduce the need for USPS separation and processing of extraneous UAA Reason Codes
    • Improve the overall quality of the “valid” UAA Reason Codes to Mailers
    • Enable the opportunity for mailers to consider additional automated and/or prioritization of UAA Reason Codes into their address processing systems that will enable them to make improved responses to customers to update address records, as appropriate.

So, we are trying to look for ways to minimize the number of UAA Reason Codes the USPS Carriers need to utilize – so we can improve the quality of information provided to mailers to make this more actionable.”


The committee has specifically reached out to GADA to request our help in soliciting comments from our members and allies.

Please bring this project to the attention of the person responsible for managing your data hygiene program and request them to send their concerns and comments to:

Sharon J. Harrison

VP Postal/Address Strategy, Finance – AT&T Services

(916) 376-2040


If you use UAA reasons in your data processing, are they sufficient? Effective?  Efficient? Have you had experience that suggests they are not consistently accurate?  Would fewer codes be a positive or a negative? Bear in mind that the letter carriers are responsible for marking undeliverables.  More codes to chose from may in fact NOT lead to greater accuracy. If you have experience with this aspect of the mailing industry, your comments will be much appreciated and will be an important contribution to this important work.

Charles Prescott

Executive Director



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