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Source: Posta Uganda and URSB sign MoU on postal addresses for companies « Post & Parcel

This is particularly saddening. The laws in Uganda require a business to have a post box to register as a company.  And there is nothing wrong with it, except it’s backwards.  The legal requirement should be that to register as a company you need an ADDRESSS.  Where are you located. The postbox is not a location.  It’s a communications point which tells one nothing.

The data about the number of post offices and private letter boxes and the rest are interesting, but mainly as historical artifacts from the early 20th Century, the British 20th Century.

And unlike most of the rest of the world, Uganda still requires addressees of mail to pay!  Receiver pays!  Uganda should be embarrassed to strut that about the Internet, which it does with this announcement. We thought Rowland Hill in Great Britain had been sufficiently convincing in the 1850’s to convince most of the world that if you want to build a postal network, you have to ask the sender to pay, and not charge the receiver anything.   It’s only over 150 years ago that this became obvious to most of the world.  Even the US decided to deliver mail “free to addressee”.  Which, of course, requires residential and business addresses. Which it is the government’s job to provide, by the way.

To promote communication,better delivery of government services, e-commerce, civic engagement, etc.,  we would recommend that the country figure out a way to make the sender pay, and a UNIVERSAL way for addressees to receive, without paying.

Come on. Uganda. Get on board at least the 20th Century.

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