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Source: UPU aims to speed up decision-making processes « Post & Parcel

Director General of the UPU, Bishar Hussein, tells the Pan African Postal Union conference attendees that the UPU will modify “decision-making processes in UPU that will provide more flexible responses to those changing needs”, with “those …needs” being those of the members of PAPU.  And of course the Director General intended this commitment to be toward all members of the UPU.

The blossoming of the digital era and the explosion of cross-border parcel traffic in the new world of global e-commerce has challenged posts world-wide as they struggle to modify product and service offerings, face swift and flexible competition from the private sector in more areas of the business, and try to understand where the market will be in the future.

It is good to hear that the UPU appears to be taking a leadership role with respect to its members.  In the past, its staff has waited to  be told what to do.  Now, it is increasingly coming forward to the membership and asking, “Shouldn’t we do this or that?”  It is developing experience and knowledge that it can put to use in a broader spectrum of the world of postal change.  The launch of the project termed “Ecompro” is a case in point – an immense project to help all posts develop, streamline, and improve international parcel traffic.

The implications of a shift in emphasis in the postal world from letters to parcels are profound. Everything from the process of  receiving more of the “new mail”, ie, parcels, to income source weighting, to sorting and delivery equipment, staffing assignments, data collection, delivery scheduling and practices, to international shipping protocols (including the costly problem of returns)……whew!   Everything changes.

It is good to see the nucleus of the international postal community saying, “We’re up to it. We’ll help lead. This is where we all come together to build tomorrow’s system, and to do it today.”




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