UPU Addressing Conference Open For Registration!


The UPU has this week officially invited the Posts of the world, and related organizations, to attend the Addressing Conference we have been helping organize for the past year.  The program has been finalized and speakers have been chosen.

Dates: October 26 and 27, 2015

Place: UPU Headquarters, Berne, Switzerland

Time: Registration opens 9AM, but pre-registration (see below) is strongly advised. 

Global Address’s Prescott will chair a panel on the first day on Estimating the Economic Value of an Address System.  As our readers know, we are persuaded that policy makers in most countries will not truly appreciate the critical need for an address system until they see how much their country’s people, and economy, suffer without one, and how much wealth, employment, and general social benefit, is produced when there is an address system.

We have done our very best to see that the private sector will be represented by experts and specialists in the subject and will making their contributions to the conversation. For example, Dimitri Garder of the venerable data company Global-Z will join the Economic Value panel.  We anticipate that his experiences in assisting clients in navigating the challenges of diverse national address data formats, and the lack thereof, will give postal officials and other government officials very compelling reasons to invest more in addressing.

Download the agenda here:   October 2015 UPU Addressing Conference Program (521)

Pease go and register now at the UPU website.  There is no fee or other charge for attending. Your registration will assist the UPU staff in selecting and preparing the appropriate hall for the event.

If you are in the address data industry as a hygiene company, significant user, government planner, address alternative inventor, you will want to attend this event. Attending will be the leaders and experts in their fields, from geolocation system developers of the private sector and academia, to the non-profit geolocation address system developers, to the international emergency response organizations.  If you are a government official or planner, be it transportation, utilities, or public services which must be delivered to the people, you will want to be there.


To receive updates and news on this upcoming event, please register on this site to receive notices.  

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