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OK, so this new postmaster in a small town is very much “by the book” and suddenly people aren’t getting mail, or having their mail delivered, because the letters don’t bear the PO Box of the address.

PO Box? I don’t have a PO Box. Aside from a couple of companies, none of the 2,000 or so addresses in my data base have a PO Box. I’ve lived in this house in semi-rural New York State for 20+ years.

It turns out there is a rule. Gotta have a PO Box number. Where do you get yours? Local Post Office, but you must prove your identity. What’s your neighbor’s number? You’ll have to ask him since the Post Office can’t disclose it to you “for privacy reasons”. You’re a small business, say a lawn maintenance company in the warm months and you do interior household repair work in the Winter. You want to send your 200 or so customers a special offer in the Spring, and you don’t have their PO Box numbers! And the Post Office won’t tell you.

But, could the PO give every customer a little note saying, “Your PO Box is 123. Please tell everyone you communicate with by mail because we can only deliver to you if their letter to you has this number in the address. And the correct format for your address is…….”

Why is it so hard for the USPS to figure out something as fundamental as this: communicate with your customers. They are not the competitive enemy. When you develope rules that impact them and don’t tell them the new rules, you lose customers. And look stupid.

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