Tanzania: PM Directs Local Governments to Hasten Road, Street Naming –


The Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, has directed local authorities in the country to fast-track naming of roads and streets in their respective areas as part of implementation of the national homes’ address and post code system.

Source: Tanzania: PM Directs Local Governments to Hasten Road, Street Naming –

Well, Prime Minister, in providing that streets may be named for living or recently-deceased persons you’ve guaranteed that the project will stall once more.  The reason that there will be nothing but bureacratic fudging resulting in no action whatsoever is because the naming authorities will, out of a well-based desire to continue to be employed,  shrink from the task of not naming a street after someone that someone despises.  And with living human beings, someone always hates anybody. And this is especially true when it comes to politicians, all of whom now believe they are entitled to have a street named for them, especially if it replaces the name of someone they despise. The UK pretty much has it right and won’t name a street after you until at least 10 years after your demise.  In short, it’s a political mine-field, and experienced government authorities recognize mine-fields from a long way off.

It’s a pity that much of the information provided to the countries who recognize the need to install street names and addresses doesn’t come with a bright red “DANGER” warning label. It would permit the projects to achieve speedier implementation.

And if these countries want to have successful e-commerce business volumes, inbound or outbound, they need addresses. Now. Forget people. The world offers much else to honor through street-naming recognition. How about Express Street? Homedelivery Avenue? Bright Morning Boulevard?

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