Members and Affiliations

The following companies are active members or supporters of the Association and we acknowledge their dedication to the Association.


Global-Z International was founded in 1989 as a database technology company, providing companies with customized sales and marketing database solutions. Early on, the company recognized the growing need for businesses to promote their products and services internationally. The development of international address databases had always been difficult due to inadequate validation and correction technology, or incomplete postal authority data. Global-Z was the first company to introduce worldwide address verification and correction solutions.

“Our approach involves a unique synthesis and comprehensive understanding of technology, languages and cultures — knowledge that can give you a competitive advantage in the international marketplace. Through focused training and travel programs, our employees nurture their awareness of standards and practices around the world.”

Global-Z continues to be an industry leader in software development, research and customer service. While developing new systems and approaches, their R&D specialists closely monitor worldwide changes in postal specifications and international data collection needs.

Founded in 1967, the company provides US, Canadian and international database management, data quality, data enhancement and email services to direct and data-driven marketers across the globe.  “Our benchmark technology and processes, unparalleled commitment to quality and unmatched reputation for best-in-class customer service make Data Services the recognized leader in our field.”

GRC Data Intelligence, founded by Graham Rhind, is an independent consultancy
and information provider, specialising in international data  knowledge.  Their
mission and motivation is to improve international data quality, for the benefit
of yourselves and your customers.

Developers of 10 UK address products and
World Addresses software. Established in 1986 and supporting
over 1400 businesses worldwide with addressing software and expertise.

We are proud to be an active participant in and affiliate of the organizations listed below. Our work enables us to contribute to the advancement of their missions, to which we are committed. They also provide us with otherwise unavailable information and contacts for the benefit of our readers and clients.

IMR World was established to influence, assist and enable the adoption of innovation in interactive media by business and government in Europe and worldwide

 Syndicat nationale de la communciation directe of France is a professional organization dating to 1933 which is dedicated to the promotion of and professional development in the practice of direct marketing and customer relationship development.


The Universal Postal Union is the second oldest agency of the United Nations. It regulates the international postal carriage of letters and parcels and assists in the development of posts and the global postal network.

lucerna-jurisLucerna Juris is a network of data protection and marketing law experts throughout Europe who provide personal attention to both the simplest and most complex transactions and questions of companies dealing with personal information. We are honored to be the US affiliate of the network, which has lawyers in UK, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Italy. For advice and assistance in finding the right lawyer for your data protection project or questions, contact Mr. Prescott at 

FEDMA is the single voice of the European direct and interactive marketing industry. Its national members are direct marketing associations representing users, service providers, and media/carriers of direct marketing. FEDMA also has more than 200 direct company members. Today, direct marketing strategies are an essential tool for companies to approach, inform and retain customers, as well as providing customer relationship services.

BIIA, or Business Information Industry Association,  represents companies engaged in creating and presenting information about companies, governments, and individuals for strategic planning, business development, policy development support, credit verification and other purposes that support the development of healthy economies and informed public policies.

The International Association for Information and Data Quality is dedicated to advancing the information and data quality profession and its body of knowledge.  It is an individual member professional society.




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