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_MG_9865Charles Prescott is an international lawyer specializing in privacy, postal and marketing law. He is the founder of the non-profit Global Address Data Association and formulated its mission to promote address systems development and commercial access to address data. In that capacity he serves on several working groups at the Universal Postal Union in Bern, Switzerland. He is also the founder and Editor of The Prescott Report, a monthly newsletter promoting a borderless economy.  He is a frequent speaker and author on direct/interactive marketing developments, privacy and data protection issues around the world, and emerging postal and legal issues in an increasingly globalized economy. He is past Chair of the Consultative Committee of the Universal Postal Union and member of the Board of the US Direct Marketing Association where he chairs the Governance Committee.  He also serves on the private sector advisory committees to the US State Department and the Department of Commerce and is counsel to the International Hybrid Mail Coalition based in Milan, Italy and the Global Envelope Association based in Washington, DC. During his legal career Mr. Prescott worked at Hamada & Matsumoto, Tokyo, Cleary Gottlieb Stein and Hamilton, NYC, Continental Grain Company, Reader’s Digest and the US Direct Marketing Association.  He is a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School (1974) and Phi Beta Kappa at Hamilton College (1969).

Steering Committee

ahbakheetAli H. Bakheet is the GIS Director of Saudi Post. The GIS Department  is responsible for residential postal addresses across Saudi Arabia. He is the Chairman of the UPU Address Work Group and of  UPU Address Standard Group “S42”, a member of ISO TC211 (working on ISO 19160 Address Standard Project) and many other GIS, addressing and  IT committees and groups. Ali’s efforts led Saudi Arabia to become one of the first countries to comply with the UPU’s S42 standard on address templating.
He also speaks in many summits, conferences and forums regarding his research and papers and he represents Saudi Post and Saudi Arabia at international events.




Alvar Bramble photoAlvar Bramble is an industrial engineer who has been investigating sustainability issues for over three decades. He is Lead Steward of the Global SoS Network (Globalsosnet).
One of the main focuses of the network is partnering with institutions that promote, foster, and otherwise develop best practices for sustainable development. In his function as Lead Steward, Alvar seeks to help roll out effective postal delivery points to each home and place of business in the emerging world. Every one of those mail delivery points will have a letterbox, and will materialize from the synergistic intersection of two built-environment systems, which are: a) holistic, but practical street address number systems, and b) comprehensive and fully posted street nomenclature systems.
By using the Systems of Systems approach, Alvar points out the notion that adequate postal services will permit the operation of effective billing systems, which will then serve as cost-effective platforms for the streamlining of the collective economic power that exists within all emerging societies. This new plateau will open up prospects for quality public services and affordable housing in developing and newly developed countries.
Consequently, Alvar foresees that the results-driven influence of adequate postal services upon those key socioeconomic factors will boost the emergent global process of sustainable development, thus facilitating the unraveling of industrial underdevelopment, and the eradication of global poverty.
Alvar can be contacted at +58-(0)426-988-4098 or



Kitty Kolding has served as CEO at several venture-backed startups and small/mid-sized companies ranging from specialty data providers to experiential marketing agencies and marketing technology companies. She has consistently led innovative, fast-moving companies that drive marketing objectives of F500 marketers including P&G, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Kimberly Clark, Kraft, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and dozens more. Kitty has been quoted across major media outlets, including the New York Times, WSJ, USA Today, Fox News,, Fast Company, Variety, AdAge, Adweek and Brandweek and has been a featured speaker at industry conferences including WOMMA Summit, Digital Hollywood, ad:tech, DMA and AMA.




Merry LawMerry Law, president of WorldVu LLC, oversees their publications, software, and worldwide marketing programs.   She is editor of the authoritative Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats and designer of Accurate Worldwide Addresses software.  She is a consultant on international databases and on direct marketing and works with firms and key executives to identify and overcome their barriers to international business.  Merry frequently writes and speaks on international business and marketing topics.
Merry’s career in international marketing began at The Conference Board when she moved from its survey research unit to managing its marketing database.  Following The Conference Board, she co-founded a company that created a cooperative international marketing database.  Merry also worked with a corporate reorganization consultant and independently advised on international direct marketing for many years.  While living in Europe, Merry was executive director of the Women On The Move conference in Brussels, Belgium, and part of the management team of a multi-national membership organization.  On her return to the U.S., Merry resumed consulting on international direct marketing and assisted Direct International, Inc.  with its conferences, Publishers Mulitinational Direct Conference and International Postal, Distribution and Fulfillment Conference, and publishing operations.
Merry has taught questionnaire design and basic methods of statistical analysis and has lectured on U.S. voting and politics at the university level.  Merry is also co-author of A Travel Guide Through Children’s Literature.
Merry can be contacted at +1 410-522-4223 or

Dr. Joe Lubenow heads the postal consulting firm of Lubenow and Associates. He is directly involved in international address standardization efforts including the Universal Postal Union (UPU) S42 and S53 standards and ISO 19160. With Patricia Vivas, he co-edited the UPU’s Addressing and Postcode Manual published in 2009.
A past chair of the USPS Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), he is a lifetime member of MTAC. He co-chaired MTAC’s Address Accuracy track in 2006-2007, and led work groups on Presort Optimization and the Information-Rich Mailpiece Barcode.
From 2000 through 2008, he served as chair of the Postal Operations committee of the
Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom), and is a current Board member.
Joe has testified before the Postal Rate Commission (PRC) and its predecessor both for the USPS and for industry in multiple postal rate cases on topics including address hygiene and mail tracking.
He has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Chicago and  can be contacted at

101211_1725_OnWebsiteCo1.jpgGraham Rhind has specialised for over 18 years in international address and postal code methodologies.  He started by building the European database of Scitex SA in Brussels, and then became Research and Development Director forOTtS Groupin The Netherlands. He is now an independent consultant and owner of GRC Database Information, which offers a large number of services to his customers, to help them manage globalisation in the most efficient way, with the emphasis on quality. He has authored four books on database management, “Building and Maintaining a European Direct Marketing Database” (1994) , “Global Source Book for Address Database Management”(1998, updated twice annually) , “Practical International Data Management – A guide to working with global names and addresses” (2001) and “Better quality data from your web form – effective international name and address Internet data collection” (2009, free to download and use).He is also a regular speaker at conferences and seminars, and has developed a range of software and reference datafor optimal international address data standardisation, formatting, validation and de-duplication.

Pierre Rossouw photo 4-3Pierre Rossouw

Pierre Rossouw is a systems engineering consultant who is active in the global addressing, location identification, coding systems fields, with a focus on optimising the logistics, supply chain and service delivery systems, through mathematical optimisation of the value chain. In these fields he has consulted for national systems in over one dozen countries..  He is an incurable serial inventor of new methods and concepts, an impulsive re-inventor, always tackling insoluble problems and looking for new and interesting opportunities for improvement.

He is the inventor and architect of the eLAND postcode and addressing system for South Africa and designed postal addressing and postcode systems for other countries. He is widely recognised as an international expert in the fields of addressing, geo-location and postcode systems and was elected Chair of the UPU Standards Board and serves on technical committees at the ISO.  He contributed a major part to the South African National Standard (SANS) – 1883 for the South African national addressing standard and was responsible for South Africa’s certification of compliance to the S42 International Addressing Standard and contributes other sub-Saharan countries doing likewise.

More recently Pierre has been researching non-location addressing, working to design and develop location identification and address coding systems by exploiting “big data.”  This concept extends beyond the physical environments to electronic and virtual addressing, the location subject being the individual persona or addressee.

Academically, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Pierre also holds a Master’s degree in the information systems engineering field from the same university, a Graduate Diploma in Engineering (GDE) with six other postgraduate qualifications.  He has published over forty papers and two major international research reports on various technical and professional subjects.

His professional experience spans more than three decades in the field of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, much of which has been in Automation Strategy and in ultra-high-speed, high power processing. Today, some of the most advanced mail processing machine systems use the image database recognition system which he conceived. His leadership in these activities has been acknowledged by awards and he is a regular conference speaker.;  +27 82 412 1088


Alastair Tempest


Alastair Tempest started his career with Independent Television in London. He moved to Brussels in 1980 to set up the European Advertising Tripartite to lobby the European Commission and European Parliament on advertising issues.  He joined Reader’s Digest in 1992 and headed up the European office in Brussels. He then moved to FEDIM (Federation of European Direct Marketing} which had as its  mission the promotion and protection  direct and interactive marketing, which he headed up until 1997. In that year a new, larger, association, FEDMA, was set up and he became its Director General. He lead up many projects for FEDMA, and was the Chairman of the Pan-European  Education and Advisory Committee. In 2008 he was elected to the UK Direct Marketing Association’s Roll of Honour. He was elected to the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) Consultative Committee at the Bucharest Congress and was an active member of the UPU’s Direct Marketing Advisory Board. In 2011 he moved to South Africa as the President of the Institute for Interactive and Direct Marketing, and subsequently took over running the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) in 2012. He is now Director of the Ecommerce Africa Forum. He has been on the Global Address Advisory Board since its inception. He writes and lectures extensively on data-driven marketing issues.




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