Data Hygiene Book Sponsorship Offer

Dear Colleague –
We have an offer to help you effectively promote your services at a very modest cost, and join GADA practically for free.And we’ll give you something for free if you fulfill a modest request.
The Global Address Data Association (GADA) is entering its third year of working on the critical subject of the address.  Over that period, we have learned that the subject of address hygiene is very poorly understood by businesses and policy-makers.GADA  has decided to remedy that situation.  This “primer”, which you can download by clicking its title – The Basics of International Address Hygiene – is a coherent and easily-absorbed introduction to this subject.Believe me: it will have an impact on policy-makers and it will encourage list owners to use hygiene services.

We will be distributing this primer to policy-makers and businesses and the public at no charge.  It will be available for download from our website, distributed at conferences, and referred to in our newsletter and press releases. In October, I will personally make it available to delegates of the posts and member countries at the Universal Postal Union’s Congress.

Here’s our offer.  We will list your company together with your logo and contact information in the primer and grant you a one-year membership in GADA for only $995.

In addition, you will be licensed to reproduce and distribute the primer. This will demonstrate your professionalism and your commitment to education and outreach.

Beyond your support for this educational outreach, you will benefit from membership in GADA and access to me, my contacts in the international postal and marketing communities, and the data industry worldwide.  You will receive our newsletter and special alerts. These will update you on important events and developments in and around address data. In addition, I am always available to you to provide information and advice.

You can accept our offer by simply sending an email to with “WE ACCEPT” in the subject line and including your logo and contact information as you wish it to appear. When the primer is complete, we will send you a proof copy for you to approve, along with an invoice. If you are not satisfied, tell us and we will make it right.

And of course you can call me at +1.914.533.0208.

Here’s our request and free stuff. It is that you help us make this promotion even more effective and this book even better.

Now, regardless whether you accept our offer, please read this short work  and give us your comments. This has been written by Merry Law of WorldVu, one of the world’s foremost authorities on international addressing. But with good grace she has agreed that there is always room for improvement.  Send any comments and suggestions for improvement to Merry and me and we will acknowledge your contribution in the work. Or, visit the website ( and comment on the blog. Either way, your contribution will be recognized in the book.

Very truly yours,




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