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Global Address Data Association

Office of the Executive Director

January 5, 2011

Dear Address Data Professional:

Our new industry Association, ‘GADA’, is now open for business. Our certificate of incorporation has been granted. Our bylaws are being finalized. Our business plan is complete and our objectives for the coming year set.

A Critical Profession.

You and your industry colleagues are providing more sophisticated services to a more diverse customer base in an increasingly complex and competitive market-place. During the last year the world has begun to understand the critical nature of the address and the serious professionalism of what you do. More data is becoming available and we are more successful in developing new postal initiatives that will help you optimize your current data files and expand your customer base.

Addresses Equal Economic and Social Progress.

Through our work last year at the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the address has become one of the core development projects for that body. For more and more government officials in countries world-wide, developing their address system is now a national priority.

These new postal address initiatives embraced by the UPU will expand your available data and customers’ markets, but only if the foundation is correctly set down. And set down now.

We Are Now “The” Association.

We have put the Association’s name on the map with the Universal Postal Union, the European Commission, and postal systems and Regional Postal Unions world-wide. We are joining the discussion at the European Address Form and will soon join the Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee to the world’s largest post office, the USPS.

But Not All Is Rosy.

The demon of the privacy debate is rising rapidly in the United States and in Europe accompanied by the specter of contrived security concerns. In addition, it will be critical in the United States to separate the behavioral advertising debate from our professional discipline.

In Europe it will be important to engage the European Commission as they rewrite the Data Protection Directive to assure that privacy concerns of individuals are met without limiting legitimate government and business access to location data.

In other regions, the important countries of Brazil, Mexico, and China continue to need attention and pressure through the efforts of a trained professional body such as GADA. There are parties in each of these countries who want to be responsive to address issues and business needs and need a professional association to support their efforts.

And in all regions of the world we must continue to educate security officials that “the address” is a critical tool for business, as well as for the forces of law and order. Thus, its availability and enhancement are vital.

Here Are The Benefits Of Membership:

During the coming year, this is what we will provide our members:

  • Informative webinars featuring leading executives and experts in the data management field
  • In depth reports on all UPU address activity and related work. This information is available nowhere else, and there are business opportunities in those activities.
  • Results of the first survey on abandoned or undeliverable parcels in international commerce. This will show businesses the address’s importance to the bottom-line.
  • Access to the inside planning of the UPU’s An Address for Everyone campaign and what it means for your business.
  • News of the cutting edge work being done in this area “just over the horizon”.
  • Opportunities for leadership and involvement in new projects and research.

Additional Long-Range Projects:

We’ll also start work on the following “bottom-line impact” projects that are longer range, and for which we need long-term member support:

  • Begin discussions with posts whose change of address data pricing is unrealistic.
  • Monitor the privacy debate in the United States and in Brussels and ensure the data management profession is represented, especially on the subject of address databases.
  • Identify and engage policymakers in Brazil, Mexico and China to discuss improving data availability in those markets.

And of course we will send you the occasional informative e-mail but only when there is something important to tell you. We promise never to treat our members like customers or prospects, but always as members whom we serve.

You owe it to yourself and your company to become engaged in this exciting work by joining the Global Address Data Association at the level appropriate for you.

To subscribe, please complete the attached form and either email or mail it to us together with payment. If needed, we will send you an invoice with payment alternatives indicated.

Questions?  Concerns?  Call or email me. +1.914.533.0208.  Charles@globaladdress.org.

Very truly yours,

Charles A. Prescott

Executive Director

Global Address Data Association

Download a membership application:GADA Membership Application Form (1722)




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