Addressing the World-An Address for Everyone

We are providing on this page the presentations from the UPU’s November 9, 2010 Addressing the World Conference at UPU headquarters, and further materials and information will be provided as the program progresses.  The Global Address Data Association is a strong supporter of this developmental program and we will continue to add to the materials here.

An Address For Everyone

Presentations from the Universal Postal Union’s November 9, 2010 An Address for Everyone Conference. This conference, the second in a planned series of 3, convened experienced experts from postal systems and international agencies to discuss many aspects of addressing related to planning, implementation, benefits, needs of all participants, and standards. Case studies.
How Saudi Post Addressing System Developed from Scratch (946)Saudi PostHow the Saudi Post Addressing System Developed From Scratch. Why they chose the geospatial system they did, its structure, and benefits. 12 slides
New Methods, New Alliances (737)Correos de Costa RicaNew Methods New Alliances, Correos de Costa Rica “Sistema de Direcciones en Costa Rica”. Detailed introduction to postal addressing challenge created by geography of the country and traditional addressing ‘non-structure’. Detailed discussion of financial and economic consequences of not having an address system. What system (postcode and street designations) chosen and why. Detailed costs of the project. Social and postal benefits realized. 47 slides.
India Post - Building a Consistent Address Database p Innovative Solutions (1565)Kalpana Tewari, Chief General Manager, Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of IndiaFinding Innovative Solutions, India Post – Building a Consistent Address Database. Detailed description of postal system, network, number and kind of office, address database and system changes with impact on sort and delivery structures, and economy of India, description of unique challenges in a multi-lingual and basically rural country. Description of address capture and verification process. New services built on address. 19 slides.
Addressing the Unaddressed (752)Pierre Roussouw and Keletso KgopeAddressing the Unaddressed. Development and description of the rural addressing system in South Africa. Discussion of reasons for system chosen, benefits and costs of new system with case studies. Next steps. 23 slides.
Street Addressing and the Management of Cities (1034)Catherine Farvacque-Vitkovic Street Addressing and the Management of Cities. Analysis of the role of street addressing in context of growing urbanization and infrastructure and social challenges, especially in Africa. Discussion of what street addressing is, addressing development experiences in Africa since 1991, reasons to create systems and resulting applications and benefits. World Bank. 22 slides.
E-Learning Street Addressing Course (901)World Bank InstituteWorld Bank Institute E-learning Street Addressing Course. Description of online course for city managers and others on planning and implementing a street addressing program. Reasons why and syllabus. Good list of resources in multiple languages. 9 slides.
ISO 19160, Addressing (1751)Antony Cooper, Convenor: Working Group 7, Information Communities and Serena Coetzee, Project LeaderISO 19160, Addressing. Introduction to International Organization for Standardization and its importance. Description of the project 19160, Addressing. Roles played by different parties, process, current status, potential outcomes. (S) 19160. 26 slides.
Modernization of the Address and Civil Registration Systems in Albania (646)Frank Nan, Project ManagerModernization of the address and civil registration systems in Albania. Detailed description of modernizing the address systems and civil registration systems in Albania over a multi-year period. Reasons, partners, methodologies including legal changes, implementation, status and results to date. Useful lessons on creating communication between and among the national and international institutions, capacity development. . 18 slides.
The Address from a USPS Perspective (783)Lea EmersonThe Address from a USPS Perspective. Challenges in maintaining accuracy of one of world's largest address databases, which is described in detail. 8 slides.
The Address from a US Census Bureau Perspective (698)Karen Owens, U.S. CensusThe Address from a US Census Bureau Perspective. Overview of function and size of US Census Bureau, its master address file and how it differs from USPS address file, importance of address standards in assuring accuracy and quality. 13 slides.
Addressing the World, An Address for Everyone (909)Charles PrescottAddressing the World, An Address For Everyone. An overview of the Global Address Summit held by the Consultative Committee of the UPU April 23, 2010, lessons learned therein from the private sector and the private sector's vision of the role of the UPU in the address subject going forward. 26 slides.




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